Celebrating, Supporting, Entertaining, Raising Awareness and Fund Raising for our American Heroes

What a thrill it was to be invited to be part of the prestigious Bob Hope USO Xmas Show to entertain our troops around the world and in Vietnam. Little did I know what a difficult and life altering experience it would be, and yet also one of the most rewarding of my life. This was the beginning of my lifelong passion to support, promote, fund raise, help, and entertain our Veterans everywhere.




“Run to the nearest bunker - that’s not thunder it’s GUNFIRE”

Those are word you don’t want to hear as you are making an entrance on stage at Chu Lai, a military base in Vietnam during The Bob Hope USO Christmas Show.



Bob Hope Xmas USO Christmas Show Clip, Freedom Hill, Da Nang, Vietnam

  "The Golddiggers pack a wallop entertaining our troops!"
— Bob Hope

 A funny story, and on Xmas Eve, and after a performance on the aircraft carrier the USS Ranger, I got ready for bed and hopped into the bottom bunk. Well, pinned to the mattress above me was a note written to “The Gorgeous occupant of my rack etc. etc.” You’ll have to hold your breath to hear the end of that story!! 


Today, I run into servicemen and women who saw one of our shows and one recently wrote

“Many of you remember Bob Hope, but there are many of us veterans that have a real connection. Christmas 1969 I sat on a rain soaked hillside at Cam Ranh Bay, Vietnam and Bob Hope and those gorgeous Golddiggers transported me and a couple thousand other young homesick GIs stateside. We laughed, we cried, and for a couple of hours we tried to forget where we were. It was something I will never forget." – Sgt Bud Snyder.


"Suzy’s first hand experience performing for our military all around the world and in Vietnam and continuing today, made her the perfect choice for our event and it was a rare opportunity to hear from someone who was there. Her recollections and stories were both uplifting and poignant." - Honoring our Female Veteran’s at The Westlake Village Women’s Club

"Suzy made me laugh and made me cry. I wasn’t expecting to run the gamut of emotions. What an entertainer she is!" — Attendee