suzy front

"Welcome to my world!
Won't you come on in?"

At a recent performance, an ardent fan said to me:
"I wanted to be you 45 years ago, when you were a starlet, and one of those Dean Martin Golddiggers, working with all the great stars, on those memorable variety TV shows, touring the country, performing in land mark venues, and traveling around the world with Bob Hope to entertain our troops on his annual USO Christmas Show. Well, I am 65 and I still want to be you!!"

Hailing proudly from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, I've had an amazingly satisfying and successful career performing in musical theatre, television, night clubs, state fairs, military bases around the world and in the jungles of Vietnam, and even at The White House! It seems I've been  performing and entertaining anywhere there is a stage and or an audience -- and I continue to follow my passion today!

Some people refer to me as a "veteran."  I guess 60 years of performing qualifies me as a veteran, eh? If you are from the "Greatest Generation" or an early baby boomer, you saw me during the "Golden Age of Television" on variety shows -- I may even look familiar to you as one of The Original Dean Martin Golddiggers from The Dean Martin Variety Show -- a title that has followed me my whole life!! I was a regular on The Jim Nabor's Hour as one of The Nabors' Kids, Carol Burnett Show, Red Skeleton, Andy Griffiths and the great Casinos/nightclubs from the Catskills to Miami to Las Vegas.  Or you may have seen me on The Bob Hope Christmas USO Show or in summer stock musical theatre, as I crisscrossed the country performing in hundreds of shows.

Or did you catch me recently at a performance in Hollywood at the Catalina Jazz Club or on Cape Cod at Cape Rep Theatre or in Key West at The Red Barn Theater or Palm Springs' Purple Room or McCallum Theater? 

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Award winning actress, Judy Kain sits down with me recently to talk about my career. Fun!